Participation (100 points total)

Participation in this class will function differently than in classes you are used to. It won’t be about showing up but about contributing. To really understand and contribute to conversations about digital writing, one has to be social and participate. In an effort to encourage people to participate in course discussions both online and off I will be marking participation exclusively twitter use.

That means you need to make a account and link to relevant content throughout the course. If you already have an account but don’t want to use it for this class, the great thing about twitter is you can just make a new account.Make sure your account is set to “public” and that you use the hashtag for the course, #enc3417, in the tweet.

You can find all kinds of great ways to make using twitter super easy while you are web browsing on your phone and on your computer or tablet. Please check out the useful links for some web browser plug ins that make using twitter a breeze.

Participation will be measured in your ability to link to interesting content outside of our course through twitter, your ability to make meaningful connections to those links during class discussions, and whether you have the course material in class ready to go. Participation is scaled. Meaning if someone tweets thirty times and they are the top user, they will get an “A”. That same person wouldn’t earn an “A” if the top twitter user had fifty tweets. So stay consistent!

I use a tool called TAGS to measure and capture how many tweets the class uses. It will capture who and how folks are using the “#ENC3417” hashtag over the semester. I’ll show you this tool in class so you can see what I mean.